Teens For Haiti     

Our mission is to better the lives of the people in Haiti through funding projects that  support basic needs, improve infrastructure, and create economic opportunity.                   

Our Give Back event at Anthony's CFP was successful! We raised $368.66 for our mission, a big thanks to all who supported!


Help Brings Hope for Haiti's 4th annual benefit celebration on November 14th 6:30pm-8:30 @ Higgins Hall

Winter Festival on November 17th
8:30am-2:30pm @ Christ the King Catholic Church (821 S. Dale Mabry hwy)
Our Beginning

   Two years ago a group of 8 teens spent their spring break in a small 
village in Haiti on a mission trip sponsored by “Help Brings Hope for Haiti” (HBHH). None of them expected that their lives would be changed so dramatically by spending a week away from home in the beautiful mountains of St. Suzanne, Haiti.

In the village, they witnessed the joy, kindness, and hospitality of the Haitian people. The people of St. Suzanne showed them that simple things bring true joy. Simplicity in life was everywhere in Haiti. The hardest thing for them to witness was the great poverty; they lack the most basic necessities that we take for granted in the U.S., such as clean water to drink, bathrooms, electricity, medical care and food.

Our two founders Rachel Halfaker and Sarah Cimino, were among the teens who witnessed the lack of needs these people had, and were especially moved when the generator that supported the community broke down during their stay.
Rachel and Sarah were compelled into action, and therefore formed Teens for Haiti.

What they saw and experienced on that trip has changed them forever. Haiti holds a deep place in their hearts…and now they are compelling others to action.

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